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Blade Skill Online
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Blade Skill Online

The weakest piece of sh** is the final boss!?Overwhelmingly unlucky high school student Yuri. What he obtained was the VRMMO Blade Skill Online, which could be used to change the luck value. "Summoner", which is considered to be the strongest occupation on the capture site, and "Bow", the strongest weapon. Furthermore, play the game world with extreme "luck value"! It should have been, but I was forced to grab false information!The summoner is a garbage job, the bow is the weakest weapon, and the luck value is a fuc**** status!? Moreover, as a result of random character creation, the avatar is a beautiful girl!? Before I knew it, I was treated asthe last boss for some reason !?
Released 3 months ago
Posted On 3 months ago
Updated On 10 days ago
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